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My wife is originally from Spain and she loves her Spanish food including taps. She is a great cook and I enjoy eating her food, but sometimes I like to surprise her by taking over the cooking for a night and making her a fancy meal that I know she will enjoy. This blog has some tips on doing home-style Spanish cooking in Australia, including tips on where to find genuine Spanish ingredients and paella pans in Australia. I hope that I can show you how easy and tasty it can be to make your own Spanish style food at home.


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The Many Surprising Benefits of Filtered Water

It's no secret that tap water is heavily treated before it reaches your home, with chemicals added to it so it's clean and free of bacteria. While these chemicals are, of course, tested and certified to be safe for consumption, plenty of people prefer to filter the water and make it purer before they drink it.

Despite that, not too many people are really aware of all the ways in which filtered water is better. Here are some of the surprising benefits it offers, so you can see for yourself how much difference it can make.

It smells better

Have you ever noticed the strong chlorine smell of tap water? If you don't often drink filtered or bottled water, you might not. Once you make the switch, though, plain tap water will soon start to smell like a swimming pool. It's a really off-putting stench that filtering eliminates, by removing most of the chlorine.

Your appliances might last longer

Limescale is a problem that can ruin appliances that use water, including kettles and coffee machines. Although filtering won't remove all the minerals – after all, they're generally very good for you – it reduces some of them, which is particularly good if you live in a hard water area. Limescale will build up far more slowly.

You can save money

If you're someone who regularly buys bottled water, the cost can really add up. Using a filter is far more cost-effective, and investing in a few bottles you can fill up at home means you'll always have some with you, so you won't need to buy water when you're out and about.

It reduces the risk of cancer

There are lots and lots of nasty substances regularly found in tap water – far too many to list here. And although they're in small quantities, there's a build-up effect that's linked to a number of different cancers, particularly those of the digestive system. By cutting a lot of these poisonous substances out of your drinking water, your risk of developing cancer is significantly reduced.

You'll probably drink more

First of all, filtered water just tastes a lot better than it does when it's fresh out of the tap. That's often enough to increase your intake, keeping you better hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, just the fact that you've invested in some form of water filtering system means you're more likely to remember to keep drinking, and the investment is an extra incentive.