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My wife is originally from Spain and she loves her Spanish food including taps. She is a great cook and I enjoy eating her food, but sometimes I like to surprise her by taking over the cooking for a night and making her a fancy meal that I know she will enjoy. This blog has some tips on doing home-style Spanish cooking in Australia, including tips on where to find genuine Spanish ingredients and paella pans in Australia. I hope that I can show you how easy and tasty it can be to make your own Spanish style food at home.


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Why Use an External Caterer for a Corporate Event?

External caterers are frequently used to provide food for boardroom meetings, customer presentations, team building events and even departmental meetings in some businesses. Why is this and why do some corporations prefer external caterers to provide food and drink than to do their catering in-house? Firstly, compared to entertaining guests in a restaurant or bar, catering a corporate event on your own premises can mean a more successful time for everyone who attends.

Essentially, external caterers allow you to run your event in a more business-focused way with attendees being served at your headquarters. You just don't get this sort of control if you use a restaurant instead of caterers. Except for the ability to host your own corporate event in the way you want, why else might you consider external caterers?

Cost Savings

One of the principal reasons that outside catering firms are preferred to taking guests to a restaurant is cost. If you hold your event on your own business premises, then the costs for the caterer you choose are often vastly reduced. Many don't have anything other than kitchens to pay for in terms of their rent, so external caterers tend to be cheaper than anything you might get from a restaurant. Along with a lower price per head for the food and drinks, an external caterer will probably also save you money by being able to serve a buffet style meal, thereby reducing the amount you will need to fork out for waiting staff.


If you are holding a corporate event in the day and want to supply refreshments at the end of the day's presentations, then it is much easier to bring outside caterers in rather than transport all of your attendees to a restaurant in your vicinity. This way, you make it easier for guests, both customers and your own staff, who won't need to arrange transport. Furthermore, you'll ensure more people stay on for the more informal part of the event.

Special Occasions

Corporate events are not always about driving up sales – they can be held for many reasons, and external caterers are geared up for them all. Perhaps you want to reward a particular department for having achieved well? Then again, you might want to hold a Christmas party for all of your staff. Alternatively, you might be celebrating a landmark, such as a sales target that has been achieved or a company anniversary. Whatever your reason for holding a corporate event, external caterers will provide you with a choice of appropriate menus which cater for all sorts of dietary conditions and budgets.