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My wife is originally from Spain and she loves her Spanish food including taps. She is a great cook and I enjoy eating her food, but sometimes I like to surprise her by taking over the cooking for a night and making her a fancy meal that I know she will enjoy. This blog has some tips on doing home-style Spanish cooking in Australia, including tips on where to find genuine Spanish ingredients and paella pans in Australia. I hope that I can show you how easy and tasty it can be to make your own Spanish style food at home.


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Three Critical Considerations for Choosing Confectionery for Parties and Events

If you are planning a corporate event or house party, you should think about providing candies for your guests. Lollies are popular with children, so they are perfect if you are hosting kids during the gathering. Many adults also like confectionery, especially on special occasions. Sweets will help people keep their energy up during the event. Moreover, you can use personalised candy as promotional material for your growing business. If you are planning on purchasing lollies for this purpose for the first time, consider these below-outlined factors for easier selection. 

Type of Candy 

You should evaluate and compare the different types of confectionery in the market before choosing the ideal products for your event. In general, your choice of candy will determine the total costs and the level of guest enjoyment and comfort. The most convenient and inexpensive candies are individually flow wrapped sweets. These products range from hard boiled candy and liquorice to jelly sweets and fruit drops. The sweets can be placed in a bowl, and people can pick during the event without concerns about hygiene issues. If you have a more flexible budget, you can invest in little packages of jelly beans or chocolate bars. The cost is higher, but the impact will be greater.

Product Ingredients

You should check the ingredients incorporated into your preferred confectionery. In the recent past, more people have become sensitive to the specific materials which are included in their products. This factor is particularly important if you are buying sweets for an event with children. You should discuss the sugar content with your products supplier. While candies are primarily made of sugar, there are some products which have a low percentage of sucrose. This option can also help you avoid the problems associated with sugar highs and crashes in your party. You should also check if there are any ingredients which could induce allergic reactions. It is advisable to choose products without common allergens.

Confectionery Theme

Finally, you should think about your party theme colours and compare with the confectionery options in the market. If you are hosting a corporate event, you should choose promotional candy with colours which match your business colours. These products will have a more lasting impression on the potential customers. On the other hand, if you are hosting children, you should choose brighter colours. Kids will be more pleased with what seems sweeter. Where possible, choose lollies in interesting shapes and characters.

If you are uncertain about your decisions, consult your wholesale confectionery supplier for advice.