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My wife is originally from Spain and she loves her Spanish food including taps. She is a great cook and I enjoy eating her food, but sometimes I like to surprise her by taking over the cooking for a night and making her a fancy meal that I know she will enjoy. This blog has some tips on doing home-style Spanish cooking in Australia, including tips on where to find genuine Spanish ingredients and paella pans in Australia. I hope that I can show you how easy and tasty it can be to make your own Spanish style food at home.


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3 Culinary Experiences That Every Food Lover Must Try When Visiting Australia

Visiting Australia is on the bucket-list for people from all over the world. People flock to this beautiful country to enjoy the incredibly diverse landscapes, exciting cities and the friendly hospitality of the Australian people. If you're a food lover, then Australia also provides a rich culinary scene that's as diverse as the landscape. Here are three dining experiences that every food-lover should seek out when visiting the land down under.

1. A fresh seafood platter

Australia has some of the freshest and tastiest seafood in the world, so check out some of our restuarants, like Maisie's Seafood & Steakhouse. No visit would be complete without sitting down to enjoy a decadent and visually spectacular seafood platter. The contents of the platter will vary depending on what fresh seafood is available and in season in the locale.

Crayfish, mud crabs, Moreton Bay bugs, spanner crabs, prawns and freshly shucked oysters are all regular components of a fresh seafood platter. You can also expect a selection of fresh fish which is cooked in a variety of tantalising ways. 

2. A fusion dish

Fusion is the name given to modern Australian food that is blended with an eclectic mix of foreign influences. This style of cooking is a culinary representation of the multiculturalism that is an important part of the Australian identity.

When you experience a fusion style menu, you can expect the unexpected, with ingredients, techniques and flavours derived from European, Asian, Middle Eastern and African cultures. These are often used alongside uniquely Australian elements such as kangaroo meat and bush spices that have been used by indigenous Australians for millennia.

3. A vineyard tasting platter

Australia is home to some of the world's most renowned vineyards and wine regions such as the Barossa Valley, Margaret River and The Hunter Valley are considered a must-visit for lovers of all things epicurean. Along with the glorious wine tasting, wine regions are also home to producers of delicious gourmet produce.

At many vineyards, you can purchase a tasting platter that showcases the produce from the local area. Cheeses, olives, pates, pickles, cured meats and breads are all common items found on a vineyard's menu. Enjoying these flavoursome treats is even more enjoyable when teamed with a perfectly matched wine and a spectacular view of the countryside.

Visiting Australia can provide you with a rich cultural and culinary holiday that's unique, inspiring and memorable. These three dining suggestions will help you to experience the diversity and creativeness that is an integral part of the nation's identity.